[WATCH] Anne Curtis Shares ‘Most Embarassing Moment’ In ‘Blood Ransom’

Actress Anne Curtis shared her ‘most embarrassing moment’ while doing her first international film, “Blood Ransom”.

In a live interview on “Aquino & Abunda Tonight” on Tuesday, the 29-year-old actress blamed her lack of experience in foreign productions for her “awkward” first kiss with Dreymon, noting that she had been used to pretending to be more intimate than what appeared onscreen.

“It’s so awkward [to talk about it]!” she said. “It’s just that it was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life until this day. Because, you know, the Filipino film industry is different from how they do kissing scenes over there.”

Curtis agreed when host Kris Aquino mentioned that, unlike in Philippine productions, it’s typical for actors in American films to touch tongues when the script demands it.

Alexander Dreymon, Curtis leading man in the film, also joined her in the show to promote the the upcoming local release of their American-produced film on October 29.

Watch their full interview below:

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