WATCH: All of Me Tagalog Version By Arron Cadawas

Originally sung by the american singer John Legend, All of me is now the new theme song of all the lovers out there. People sing it to serenade their loved ones. Thousands of covers were made for the song and one of these is the tagalog version made by Arron Cadawas. Arron Cadawas posted the video of this cover last May 2014 and already gathered more than 500k views as of this writing.

The lyrics were entirely in tagalog and it’s as close as you can get to the original version. The video is showing Arron holding a guitar in a room. Behind him is a guy that could be the actor hired for the video. The video gets weird when the guy starts to seem like having a fight with another person not shown in the video, then he started doing a hand stand and he even traded places with Arron as he started to lip sync the song. Nevertheless, this version is a new flavor of All of me and could be the best tagalog version yet.

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Written by Takoy

Takoy is a freelance writer who loves watching soap operas and filipino movies. He loves memorizing the famous lines he picked from the teleseryes and movies he watched and tries to use it in his daily life. He lives with this tagline from the movie Chicago, " If you can't be famous, be infamous."

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