VIRAL VIDEO: Real Life Pinoy Street Boys Wow Netizens With Tumbling Skills Even In The Roughest Place

Probably the first thing that you will notice when watching this video clip is how talented these boys are. They are managing to do some great jumps and acrobatics. They are really good, just like the ones you might see at a circus show. However, besides this evident talent that they have, and the fact that they seem to be having fun together, there is also another thing worth noticing. This is the environment where they are in.

VIRAL VIDEO: Real Life Pinoy Street Boys Wow Netizens With Tumbling Skills Even The Roughest Place

The video, which was taken in Barangay Binakayan in Kawit, Cavite, was posted Thursday on Facebook by star athlete Gabi Butler with the following caption:

I wanted to share this amazing video of these boys tumbling in the roughest of places. It made me think about how priveledged we are to be cheering on spring floors. I will never complain again about a spring floor being too stiff. Props to these guys. They are amazing.”

Shabbiness is evident, both in the houses nearby and in their clothes. They do not have adequate floor mats where they can practice their jumping and acrobatic skills. Unfortunately they just have the hard floor which is uneven and a couple of old rags that do not provide much support. They can easily get hurt, and there is no denying that they are truly skilled and motivated to still do these fantastic acrobatics without having the proper equipment.

It is really sad that these poor boys cannot avail themselves of better equipment and a more proper environment. They are amazing on two aspects – their skills, and their motivation to do what they love no matter how hard it can be.

Not convinced? Check out this video below:

H/T: Rachfeed, CoolBuster

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Written by Marc Tiu


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