Viral Video Of Homeless Man Sharing Food Will Change The Way You Think About Life

Watching the video really breaks my heart, seeing the guy cry at the end. I hope he finds a way to get back on his feet again and get himself a home and a family. He seemed like a sweet guy.

The point of the video is to show that someone who might not be rich can still be a good individual, share the little things he has. The people on the video aren’t meant to matter apart from the fact that they are spreading the world to convey a message. The video isn’t shameless , its beautiful so regardless of the amount he gave him 20 bucks or 200, he was genuinely very happy and thankful and thats what is touching.

It was so nice of them to give him pizza in the first place but then the guy that was homeless was nice enough to share the only food he had and give him a slice. I loved when he gave him money because depending on the amount of money he got he can buy himself something- could be food, clothes, and hygiene products even thank you for making a difference in our cruel world we live in.

What do you think?


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