VIRAL STORY: I Weep For Neglected Aussie Man & His Children

In today’s fast-changing world, wealth and scaling the career ladder have been the measurement of success.

Instead of being fair and concerned about the society around them, people nowadays have become more and more insensitive, selfish and oblivious to things around them, to say the least.

A concerned citizen by the name of Eden Battistello posted a couple of photos of an Australian National with his children accompanied with a long story behind these photos with the intention to help in spreading the message to reach out to the Australian children of Ronald Hartigan. It can be a challenge but feels ultimately great to help.

VIRAL STORY: I Weep For These Neglected Aussie Man & His Children, Do You?
© Eden Battistello
VIRAL STORY: I Weep For These Neglected Aussie Man & His Children, Do You?
© Eden Battistello
VIRAL STORY: I Weep For These Neglected Aussie Man & His Children, Do You?
© Eden Battistello

In her Facebook account she posted:

His name is Ronald Hartigan and desperate to contact his 3 Children back in Australia. Children’s name; DALE JOHN HARTIGAN. Last known address; ELbion Park, NSW. TRACEY LALEN HARTIGAN. Last known addreess; Scone, NSW. NICOLE HARTIGAN. Last known address; Lithgo, NSW. Probably they’re all now married.
He arrived and marry his Filipina gf here in the Philippines 1999. According to him, he and his wife was ready to leave to go to Australia but all of a sudden his wife change her mind. She told him she is not going. Then because he truly love her he decided to stay and live here in the Philippines. However, 8 months after the marriage. He found out that his Filipinas wife has a gambling habbit problem. Also Drink a lot and probably use drug. For few years he tried to make the marriage works despite of his wife problems. He manage to buy a blocked of Land 2 motorbikes and let his wife handle it Unfortunately everything gone without his knowledge. He said, his wife only wants money money all the time and that’s the only time his wife being nice to him when she wants money. And got pregnant 4 times.
The 4 kids grow up but none of them goes to school anymore. The eldest son is 15 years old and only finished Grade 2. Last school opening. He said, he give his wife 10 thousand peso to enroll the kids back to school again. But his wife only use the money to buy 2 Tablets for herself. The kids mother only care about herself and money. She doesn’t care at all about the kids. Everyone in this town knows what she like and what embarrassing she is as a monther. Everyone feel sorry for the kids.
Now he is 76 years old and not so well. His only wish is to bring his 4 sons back to Australia before it’s too late. The kids are all Australian Citizens by rights as they are born from an Australian father.
He can go back to Australia anytime but he doesn’t want leave his 4 sons to his wife behind. He said, never! If he sends financial supports to his kids. His wife will only spend all the money to herself. His kids for sure will starved,
He loves his 4 sons very much but because of financial problems he can’t afford to proccess all the papers he needs for the kids and for their plane tickets. He is afraid that if anything happened to him here in the Philippines. There will be no hope for his 4 children to have a better life. Anyway, there is more story to tell but even her own kids scared of her if they tell truth.
This people are not related to me but it breaks my heart when I meet them and found out the story. Also I am an Australian Citizen and I care about the children. If I can only afford I want to help them. They really needed help and I pray to God they can find all the help they want before it’s too late.
I meet them today, poor kids. And the Australian guy was very ill. He can’t hardly hear, hardly see and he is ashmatic. I meet their mother too but she left when I ask her why the kids don’t go to school. They said, if she got brain and caring mother to her husband and her kids. Their life could been better.
So please share this post especially all Australian people on my FB I beg you. He really need to contact his family in Australia. And if anyone wants to help please contact me through my facebook or call my number +63 939 358 2573. My name is Eden Battistello from Bacolod City, Negros Occ. Philippines.
We are trying to proccess all their papers.
Here’s their photos and this is how they live. The first picture when he arrived in the Philippines 15 years ago.

Battistello received positive recognitions for helping Hartigan however she was also accused of being a fraudster according to media source.

To prove that she doesn’t have involvement with fraudulent allegations, Battistello uploaded a YouTube video showing the condition of Hartigan and his children.

Dad please don’t die it’s taken so long to find each other and now your story is being told we could be reunited here and my bothers dad you fight like you’ve never fort before,please don’t give up.l love you with all my heart.

The daughter of Ronald Hartigan has already been in touched with Eden. Tracey Sinclair, was also looking for his father for a very long time as they have been out of touch.

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