VIRAL: Netizens Slam Bench The Naked Truth Show Over Gender Insensitivity

Netizens ask what’s the essence of the underwear? Victoria Secret though was able to deliver the tasteful balance. Now the question circulating on social media is…Did Bench?

The Naked Truth is a fashion show by Bench, launching their latest collection of denim and underwear to be presented by the biggest celebrities and top models in the country.

Some people were amused and others were outraged. In fact a blog was created specifically about the Bench Fashion Show encouraging to boycott the retail clothing giant.

Unfortunately, Bench’s annual production has evolved into some sort of live entertainment, starring objectified bodies of models and celebrities as they hypersexualize themselves on stage.

Photos are circulating online tagging Bench Lifestyle and clothing that fashion show Naked Truth may have crossed the line with a woman on a leash, positioned on fours like a dog as Coco Martin in his fully clothed glory walked and marched on the stage.

Netizens Slam Bench The Naked Truth Show
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Yes, Coco Martin had to walk a woman on a leash onstage for a “fashion show,” like an ANIMAL, and the crowd applauded him for doing it. That specifically captures how most women are being treated in the Philippines, and the world.

VIRAL: Netizens Slam Bench The Naked Truth Show Over Gender Insensitivity
© StyleBible.PH

Earlier this week, Emma Watson gave a poignant and encouraging speech about gender equality, formally encouraging all men to speak up for women to have the same rights that they have. Out of the 60,341 male signatories, only 630 signed up from the Philippines so far: Unfortunately the number who signed up for the petition was not impressive considering Philippines is the social media capital of the world.

VIRAL: Netizens Slam Bench The Naked Truth Show Over Gender Insensitivity

Gender equality is an extremely important and complex issue, but it isn’t easy to talk about, even though it’s now a part of mainstream culture. Whether or not we struggle with gender inequality issues, and whether or not we find it awkward to talk about it, we all need to develop our own ways of speaking up. This article has made a start; now over to you.

Share us your thoughts about the The Naked Truth show.

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