VIRAL: Mom Gives Birth Inside Moving Car

An American woman has given birth to a 4.5 kg baby in the front seat of a moving car while her husband filmed the whole experience on their way to hospital.

The video, uploaded on YouTube, has gone viral reaching almost 5 million views since July 16, 2015.

Leslie and Jon Pettijohn have been driving for 45 minutes heading to the Bay Area Birth Center in Houston, Texas when Leslie underwent the last stages of labor.

After a few screams of pain, the baby’s head comes out while the mother is still wearing her pants. She then takes down her pants, pull the baby out and cradles the baby in her arms.

“Oh my gosh. We just had a baby in the car. He came right out in the car,” she exclaimed while Jon asked for a high-five and said:“We did it! High-five, babe!”

This was the couple’s third child as they have two daughters, now aged two and one who were also both born in Bay Area Birth Center. They named him Josiah Benjamin Pettijohn.

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Written by Kaye

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