VIRAL: FILIPINO Netizens Discriminate FIBA Player with Facial Birth Defect

Typical Filipinos. Love discriminating other people but hates being discriminated. Do you agree?

There is no doubt that the past 3 games have given us Filipinos something to love and be very proud of. There’s no doubt in my mind that Gilas belongs in the World Cup. I believe we will get that elusive win sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, FIBA uploaded a photo of a basketball player from Croatia last August 30, 2014 on their Facebook page and Filipino netizens started bashing and mocking his birth defect.

VIRAL: Netizens Discriminate FIBA Player with Cleft Lip

He is Dario Saric from Sibenik, Croatia.

He was born with a cleft lip. His father, Predrag, a talented basketball player in his own right, suited up for 15 years with Croatian club Sibenka, where he played alongside a young Drazen Petrovic in the ’80s.

One of the commenters wrote: I wonder if these people actually think they’re funny? Or where they got their sense of “humor” from… ? What I was taught is that It isn’t right to make fun of people who were born differently… Whether they have disabilities, a disease, no matter their ethnicity, if they’re straight, gay bi, Filipino, foreign, rich, poor or whatever….lack of education or lack of morals… Whichever it is…. It’s embarrassing. Imagine if tables turned and y’all were made fun of for actin’ stupid?

-Nauso kasi ang cheap na android phones na afford ng mga taga squatters ehh.., yan tuloy pati ugali dinadala sa social networking sites.

-Our boys are playing their hearts out so that even if we win or loss, the world will know that we’re a nation to respect as well. RESPECT goes both ways.

-Not all Filipinos are like these idiots posting hurtful words to others…these are among of those few people -uneducated, no morals and don’t deserve any respect.

What do you guys think of this Filipino behavior?

What do you think?


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