VIDEO GOES VIRAL: Homeowner Leaves Dog Poop-Filled Box For Thieves

Having packages stolen from your front door is a crappy experience for anyone, but a woman in Washington, D.C., got her sweet revenge in a very stinky way.

VIDEO GOES VIRAL: Homeowner Leaves Dog Poop-Filled Box For Thieves

VIDEO GOES VIRAL: Homeowner Leaves Dog Poop-Filled Box For ThievesA woman from Washington D.C. was tired of people stealing packages from her front step while she was at work so she decided she would do something about it.

Andrea Hutzler, 33, said that over the past two months she’s had over $800 worth in packages stolen from her front steps, including Christmas presents, clothes and even aluminum poles.

Hutzler and her boyfriend set up a camera outside their house and have filed numerous police reports, but that didn’t stop the thieves.

Finally, Hutzler said enough with the crap and she enlisted the help of her two dogs. “I have a shovel that I use to pick up their dog poop,” Hutzler said. “So instead of just shoveling it into a garbage bag, I shoveled it into a box.”

The idea of the poo package comes after a number of neighbors say a man with this description was reported taking a lot of merchandise in special deliveries during the day while people were at work.

She left the poo poo package on her front step where it was recently picked up by an alleged thief, and the whole thing was caught on a hidden camera she set up.

The video has since gone viral.

Hutzler turned the video of the suspect over to police, who say they are looking for the man and will step up neighborhood patrols.

Hutzler and her neighbors have decided to get fewer deliveries, while some have just stopped shopping online all together. The thieves have so far not returned.

Hutzler did regret not being able to see the look on the suspect’s face when he opened the box.

“You give me s**t, I’ll give it back to you,” she said.


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