US Ebola Victim Speaks From Her Room at Texas Health Dallas ‘I love you guys’

WASHINGTON – Dallas nurse Nina Pham made an emotional farewell to her hospital colleagues before leaving for treatment at a Maryland facility.

A video which was released on Thursday showed the first health care worker infected with Ebola in the United States looking hopeful and smiling.

The 56-second clip video recorded at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas shows nurse Nina Pham having a brief conversation with her attending physician.

Pham is being transferred from Texas to the National Institutes of Health in Maryland, just outside Washington.

The YouTube video, which was recorded by the doctor, also shows another health care worker in attendance, wearing a full mask and other protective gear.

“I love you guys”

This was an emotional farewell from Pham as she’ holding her tears.

According to the hospital, Pham had asked for the clip video to be posted on social media.

Pham was involved in nursing a Liberian man, Thomas Eric Duncan, who was the first Ebola case diagnosed in the United States but later died of Ebola on October 8 at the Texas hospital.

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Written by Marc Tiu

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