US Airways’ Ebola Prank Scares Passengers In Philadelphia

Forget bomb scare: Joke about Ebola on flight to the Dominican Republic causes chaos.

When a  a man sneezed and shouted: ‘I have Ebola’ on US Airways Flight 845, from Philadelphia to Punta Cana that moment caused panic among passengers and the airplane crew which caused authorities to isolate the plane for over an hour on the tarmac.

An emergency medical crew in protective gear dispatched on the plane.

The 54-year-old reportedly sneezed and said: “I have Ebola, you are all screwed.”

US Airways' Ebola Prank Scares Passengers In Philadelphia
US Airways’ Ebola Prank Scares Passengers In Philadelphia

The 290 passengers on-board were told to stay on the plane until it was declared safe.

Some covered their faces while others video-taped the officials scrutinizing the plane and posted it to YouTube.

Once the plane arrived and landed at Punta Cana International Airport, extra-precautions were taken seriously and quickly to ensure the safety of the passengers.

Emergency personnel wearing blue hazmat suits boarded the plane and the passenger was taken to the airport’s medical center for tests.

According to media source, the passenger, who officials have only identified as a man from North America, was reportedly coughing during the flight. Medics verified that the passenger did not have a fever – a key early symptom of Ebola.

The remark was apparently a prank.

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Written by Marc Tiu


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