UFO spotted At Blur Concert, Mobile Phone Shot Footage Proves Their Existance

Those who attended the Blur concert in Hyde Park had golden opportunity to spot UFO, the Unidentified Flying Object. As the band was performing the classic hit Parklife, two strange shinning objects were spotted shooting across the sky.

One of the concert-goers, Diarmund Nagle, shot the two mysterious bright, white lights on his mobile phone. After a very brief moment the two strange UFO’s disappeared into thin air.

The incidence is of June 20 in London and Diarmund’s footage was recorded as a 23-song set was performed by the band.

Few days ago the live feed of NASA showed mysterious footage. It captured three blurry UFOs moving out of Earth’s atmosphere. However, later the footage was abruptly cut off by the agency. It is talked the clip was evident that alien visitors invades our planet.

The video here will help you to decided whether the UFO exists or these are just pranks.

NEWS source: Mirror

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Written by Marc Tiu


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