UFO hunters claim to have proved that the US Air Force has hidden a secret spy plane in a crater on the Moon

There’s a secret plane on the moon according to UFO Hunters. The triangular shaped craft is a nuclear powered TR-3B Black Mantra and conspiracy theorists claim the secret spy plane was built by the United States in the 70s.

However, these theorists cannot prove its existence. The plane has been spotted a dozen of times in the California Desert near Antelope Valley where military research and testing zones exist. The Secureteam conspiracy theorists have recently posted a video on YouTube which shows the Black Mantra type plane sitting in a crater.

The UFO Sightings Daily editor has also claimed the sighting of this alleged craft is one of many found in the official images taken by NASA.

Conspiracy Theorists believe the craft is a successor to a TR-3A craft which is a subsonic stealth spy plane. The TR-3A was used during the Gulf War providing guidance to F-117A Nighthawk bombers. For those who are interested in these types of news, this is certainly worth following on.

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Written by Joshua Jackson

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