UFO Experts Claim This Image Of Flying Disc Snapped By Schoolboy Is Final Proof Of Aliens

UFO images captured on cameras are rare to be very prominent, but lately a schoolboy from India is said to have snapped the best ever of the ‘aliens visiting Earth’ on his mobile phone.

Abhijit Gupta, a fifth grade pupil, claims to have recorded clear, visible image of disc-shaped flying saucer while taking photos of clouds.

UFO experts say this is the perfect and final proof of the existence of aliens as well as Unidentified Flying Objects. After a television report of the sighting, the image has gone global and other UFO researchers have started analyzing it.

Many are considering the image to be genuine, but some are raising doubts too.

Meanwhile, father of the little schoolboy said the image is authentic as it was snapped by a mobile camera and no trick or technology was used.

However, a report published on mentions it to be a hoax as probably the image is the result of mobile phone joke app.

What do you think?


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