Two Kids Rescued After Being Buried Alive for Hours in Snow

Two Kids Rescued After Being Buried Alive for Hours in Snow

Massive snowfalls are a pain in the butt for many New York residents, but for young snow fort enthusiasts, this is the best time of the year. Being entombed when your creation collapses on you can ruin that feeling.

Two boys who had gone out to build a snow fort got trapped  and buried alive in a snow bank for several hours before they were rescued.

The boys, who are cousins Jason Rivera and  Elijah Martinez, aged nine and 11, were found in the early hours of Thursday. They were trapped in Newburgh, New York, when a plow operator clearing a parking lot pushed snow over them, not realizing they were there.

Boys Buried Alive In Snow Bank For Hours Are Rescued
Boys Buried Alive In Snow Bank For Hours Are Rescued © ABCNews

They were buried under 5ft (1.5m) of snow for at least four hours, and could not move their arms or legs according to authorities.

Their parents became worried after realizing the boys failed to come home. They called 911 just before midnight.

A police official spotted a shovel sticking out of the snowbank. He started digging, and found one of the boy’s boots.

The officer called for reinforcement and asked neighbors to grab their shovels and help with the rescue.

It’s unknown exactly how many hours the boys spent buried before they were pulled from the snow around 2 a.m.

The boys were taken to hospital and spent Thanksgiving there.

News source: ABCNews, SkyNews

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