11 Bizarre Religions and Cults Around The World

There are countless religions all over the world, some of which are truly bizarre. From a religion that considers Prince Philip as a god, to one where the founder slept with hundreds of men as a form of spiritual cleansing, you are going to remain dumbfounded with these and the rest of the religions which we will be ENUMERATED here!



Raëlism is a new religious movement, adherents of which believe that all living things on Earth were created by extraterrestrial beings. The movement was founded in France by Claude Vorilhon aka Raël in 1974 and became to be known as “the largest UFO religion in the world”. It made news in 2002 when the Raëlian corporation Clonaid claimed it had cloned a human baby.

Raëlians enjoy nudity, and are very liberal with their sexual freedom. They are atheists in that they do not believe in any god, and they believe the universeis infinite in time. They do not worship their alien creators, as they are not supreme beings, just beings with superior technology.[6] They believe that our creators were created by some other creators, who in turn were created by a previous generation of creators, and we in turn will create. Whew. The circle of life. The aliens in question are human, through all generations, and, using DNA, created all life on Earth, a form of intelligent design, alien design must deal with problems of bad design, e.g the supposed design of the human prostate as must proponents of supernatural design.

The creators, known as Elohim, reportedly kept in touch with us via prophets, such as Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad.

Also, they like giving each other “erotic massages”, which suddenly makes believing in this sound a lot more reasonable. There are lots of people who would talk about aliens all day if the prize was a free ticket to the post-church orgy.

In 2002, Clonaid claimed it had created a child, Eve, through clone technology. Clonaid’s CEO is Brigitte Boisselier, a Raëlian since 1992. The news of the cloning was widely viewed as a publicity stunt and a hoax, as no evidence of said cloned child was ever made public. Since then, the Raëlians have continued to publish books about their successes in the field of human cloning.

As of currently, Raël and the Raëlism movement deny any connection with Clonaid.

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