This Video Will Make You Quit Smoking: What Cigarettes Really Do To Your Body

This video features a former smoker speaking to the camera about her own experience with smoking and the harm it did to her body, including lost teeth, strokes, and cancer.

Smoking gave Terrie cancer at age 40. In this TV commercial for CDC’s Tips From Former Smokers campaign, she speaks from a hospital bed. In the unique, raspy voice she developed after losing her larynx to cancer, she shares a simple message: “Don’t smoke. And if you do smoke, quit. Keep trying until you succeed.” Terrie died at age 53, shortly after filming this ad.

“I wish someone had shown me when I was thinking about smoking in high school what could happen to me.”

Terrie Hall was once enjoying her youthful look until she started smoking in high school. Through the years, her addiction to smoking caused her to have oral and throat cancer. Hall had to undergo a series of radiation treatment and surgeries leaving her face and neck scarred. She also lost her voice through the process.

Hall passed away struggling with a disease brought about by her smoking. But in the last years of her life  she became an anti-smoking champion.

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Written by Barbie Perez


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