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This Toddler Can’t Walk, But Can Scale A Climbing Wall

If I would say I know a baby who scales a climbing wall even before learning how to walk properly, you would never believe me, but this is true and the video below says it all.

This 20-month-old Ellie Farmer is the daughter of climbers Rachael and Zak Farmer and she is seen in the incredible video to be pulling herself up climbing walls. Of course, why not, she is following the footsteps of her parents.

According to Metro, the toddler is a regular visitor of their local gym in Flagstaff, Arizona with her parents and she has been a part of the climbing community since birth.

The little one wears soft-soled leather shoes while climbing the walls to protect her feet and the parents always stand at hand’s distance to let her not fall and injure herself.

Her mum imagines they would go hiking in the woods and Ellie would watch the butterflies go by.

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Written by Barbie Perez

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