This Little Girl Shall Win An Oscar On Her Performance Of A Lifetime, You Would Think You’re Watching Exorcism

This little girl shall win an oscar before Leonardo Dicaprio does.

Her name’s Michaela and she hates flu shots.

This little princess does love attention though however when Michaela’s brother tells her the shot will hurt, she suddenly loses her mind.

Michaela started to act as if she’s in a dramatic show worthy of a Broadway theatre diva. Her face transformed from anger to sadness and array of emotion in-between.

When the nurse finally slaps a bandaid on the tiny wound, Michaela is all ready for a final scream. Her face turned out like a victim in a horror movie, but she’s a little embarrassed when she looked down and saw a simple pink Band-Aid on her arm.

Bravo Michaela. You deserve an award for this epic drama anthology.

H/T: EDaily

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