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This Is What Happens When You Sit Down On A Park Bench Without Checking It First

Have you ever sat on a park bench and suddenly got up as if scalding water had been flung on you, only to find some insect crawling its way up your clothes?

This is what happened to a group of unsuspecting tourists, who after a long day of touring sat down on a park bench to take in a breath of fresh air. And what did they find? Caterpillars crawling across the picnic bench. They were cocooned and piled together. These caterpillars had just made up their new home on the picnic bench after moving up from the Lake District where hundreds of creatures had consumed an overhanging tree by the side of the river.

These caterpillars are called Spindle Ermine. They are known to protect their food by creating a silk layer over it. This silk layer allows them to consume leaves up to six weeks until they turn into moths. Certainly a strange and scary surprise for these unfortunate tourists sat on that particular bench!

Source: Mirror

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Written by Joshua Jackson

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