This Filipino Superman Fanatic Spends £4,400 To Transform Himself Into Superhero

You should be happy with your looks. Its gift of God, but this gentleman from Philippines, Herbert Chavez, tried to look like a superman. He crossed all the limits spending thousands on the transformation.

The 37-year-old Filipino underwent twenty-three surgeries to look like the famous Superman. Until now he has spent a huge sum of £4,400 and is still unsatisfied with his new look even though being as close as can be to Clark Kent.

He had nose jobs, skin-whitening, jaw work, liposuction and fillers over a period of more than eighteen years aginst the wishes of his doctors.

It is said he had fallen in love with his super hero at the age of just 5.

This Filipino Superman Fanatic Spends Huge Amount Of Money To Transform Himself Into Superhero

Herbert said he like to show to people that Superman is here and real, giving them inspiration and hope.

He has listed in Guiness Book of Records too for owning world’s largest collection of Superman memorabilia.

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Written by Marc Tiu


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