This could be the most vomit-inducing theme park ride in the world

Swiss Firm, ABC Rides in France will be introducing its most thrilling, adventurous and vomit inducing ride ever. A short clip of the ride being tested appeared on YouTube recently and from the comments that were posted, it seems that most viewers are on the same page.

The ride which is meant to give you a thrill of a lifetime honestly looks like a nightmare you want to wake up from as soon as possible. Looking akin to a torture device, even extreme thrill seekers might reconsider trying it out after seeing the test run.

This kind of ride is bound to produce intense screaming, and maybe even peeing in your pants. The spins and turn-arounds are hard to even look at let alone ride on. However, thrill seekers are bound to want to try this latest ride even if it means they are going to probably put off thrill rides forever. So let’s go for some spinning!

H/T: Metro

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Written by Tyler Ashby


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