They Bought This Old Couch For Only $20 But Look What They Found Inside!

Have you ever lived in a cramped apartment with little or no furniture?

These three New Yorkers and good friends Cally Guasti, Reese Werkhoven and Lara Russo shared a tiny apartment without much furniture.

Once they decided to buy a couch, which cost them just twenty bucks. It was rather uncomfortable with uneven lumps.

The three roommates decided to make it more comfortable considering the couch was all they had in case anybody visited. They turned it over to plump it up.

What happened next was like waking to a dream. The couch had heavy duty envelopes attached to its base, and each envelope contained money. When they counted it the exact amount was $40,000.

They wanted to find out who owned the couch. Fortunately, there was a deposit slip and the owner turned out to be a ninety year old woman who was struggling financially. They returned the money and were given a reward for their honesty.

News source: Boredombash

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Written by Tommy Estrada

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