These 11 Super-Buff Granddads Will Give You The Ultimate Fitness Goals

They are probably a lot fitter than most 18 year olds today. Rockin those abs, genius stuff – that takes slog & commitment. Hats off to you granddads! They are all 50+ what is your excuse?

Svetozar Nikocevic, 61 years old

Svetozar Nikocevic, 61 years old

Svetozar Nikocevic, nicknamed Kika. He is a gym owner in Podgorica, capital of Montenegro. Every morning he greets members of his gym with a brofist and a “Let’s f**king do this champion!” He once threatened to kill a member for leaving a massive shit in the gym toilet.

What a star and an inspiration!

On the outskirts of Podgorica, in place known as Zabjelo, is widely known gym “Santa Monica”, whose owner Svetozar Nikočević – Kika age 57, holds an unusual record – his biceps, volume 58 centimeters (before training) and 60 after training is unofficial biggest arm of Europe! Former successful footballer, a member of FC “Titograd,” Titeks “and” Zabjelo “, pioneer and youth representatives in Montenegro, because of injury he had 26 years ago, had to start with some exercises. And then his love for weightlifting started. “I had such a will, I was waking up at 5 in the morning and practicing. For three months I gained 20kg of muscle mass. People could not believed …”

After a few years he opened gym … At that time, an unknown sport attracted a large number of Zabjela citizens. Although he looks like Big Black, he never went to competition, nor had professional interest for this sport, or any engagement outside his gym.

source: spotmebro

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Written by Marc Tiu


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