These 11 Super-Buff Granddads Will Give You The Ultimate Fitness Goals

They are probably a lot fitter than most 18 year olds today. Rockin those abs, genius stuff – that takes slog & commitment. Hats off to you granddads! They are all 50+ what is your excuse?

Valentin Dikul

Valentin Dikul

And he was the only man who have carried the 1000 kg barbels on his shoulders for 10 meters.

Yes he is very strong man!

Valentin Dikul is, in my opinion, one of the greatest athletes ever, a powerlifter with mind-boggling lifts at sixty-something years of age!

Valentin Dikul was born 03.04.1948 in Latvia, soon after the Second World War. His father was killed action, his mother died in giving to him. Little Valia (short name from Valenrin) was brought up in the birth orphanage, difficult and hungry, spent in with his life fights for leadership for a bread. The traveling piece of circus was his only real joy in life. Valia would run away to spend the entire day there. He very early that decided he must become a circus performer. He was talented and fantastically devoted. He quickly mastered the juggling and acrobatics, but finally decided to become a trapeze artist. He was fifteen years old when he performed his first number.

source: windowstorussia

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Written by Marc Tiu


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