The Tivoli Venue In Buckley, The Most Haunted Building In Wales

Why Tivoli Venue Is Most Haunted Building In Wales

The most haunted building in the Wales is surely the Tivoli Venue in Buckley, if believed to the staffs there who are frightened to be alone.

It is being said a hanged man is usually seen and sometimes strange figures on the stairs.

Now a cinema, the Tivoli Venue was opened in 1925 as a theatre and has hosted world famous acts including the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Coldplay.

Also known for its dark history, the venue is reported to have caught fire in 1945 in the top half of the building. A projectionist was trapped inside it and was killed.

Even today many have smelt smoke in certain areas of the building and felt like something is burning. Staffs have also alleged to have found violent paranormal activity inside the venue.

However, Most Haunted team were called to investigate the building for TV paranormal investigation series and this video clip is a part of it.

News source: Express

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Written by Barbie Perez

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