The Philippines’ Valerie Weigmann Remains In The People’s Choice List Of Miss World 2014

MANILA – The Philippines’ bet Valerie Weigmann stays in the People’s Choice list of Miss World 2014 less than a week before the pageant’s coronation night on December 14.

Weigmann stays on top 10 leading candidates in Miss World 2014’s People’s Choice as of Tuesday night, according to a post on the pageant’s official Facebook page. She joins representatives from Australia, Barbados, Haiti, India, Nepal, Netherlands, Russia, South Africa and Thailand.

Last December 1, the 10 People’s Choice candidates – in alphabetical order – include Barbados, Chad, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, South Africa and Thailand.

Smartphone users can vote for their favorites by downloading the free Miss World application, which is available on iOS and Android.

Weigmann’s predecessor, Megan Young, is the Philippines’ first ever Miss World winner. Aside from bringing home the crown, Young also placed in several pre-pageant competitions and ranked second in the People’s Choice race.

Below is Weigmann’s “Beauty with a Purpose” video for Miss World 2014.

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