The Horse And Penguin Story Is Really Inspiring And Cute!

If you are lost in a lonely place and see horse herd nearby, would you be making friendship with the animals? The question may seem foolish, but for a tall penguin it was the perfect choice.

At the Cape Pembrokeshire Nature Reserve on the Falkland Islands a cool king penguin lost contact with his mates and approached towards a herd of horses. The scene was unbelievable for conservation officer Sarah Crofts, who snapped the moment, and also for the shocked horses as the animals checked the little white-and-black one one-by-one.

Little later, as Crofts briefs, the horses befriended too much and as if didn’t want to let the penguin out of sights. However, after an hour, the moment changed and the penguin decided going away. He headed to the sea.

Lost Lone Penguin Befriends With Horse Herd For An Hour Before Returning To Sea

Photo source: Metro

The penguins are frequent on the islands and over 1,500 breeding pairs visits the Volunteer Point, which is on the north-east of the islands.

King penguins are as tall as 96cm.

News source: Metro

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Written by Barbie Perez

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