The AJ Ramos Scandal Sparks Debate Over Online Behaviour | #DLSUScandal & #ADMUScandal

There may be many things to learn from the so called The AJ Ramos Scandal, in which two individuals from a prestigious university recorded a video of them having their intimate moments, but we will focus here on the matter of how modern technology has influenced our behavior.

The two individuals perhaps are alarmed to learn the video they created was shared on a social media outlet and a porn website. The case of #DLSUScandal or #AteneoScandal is one more example of how we can never really be sure no one is watching — and recording — our most private moments.

Popular DLSU & Ateneo Video Scandals Circulate Online

That so called #DLSUScandal or #ADMUScandal prompted topics about bullying and invasion of privacy. In most cases, many are grateful to the existence of modern technology.

College students and adults perhaps would do perfectly to remember that there is always a good chance their actions will be caught on camera and shared with others and that’s the reality in 2014.

All it takes is one person with a smartphone and lives can be changed, damaged, even destroyed. Bullies and opportunists are nothing new, but the instrument of their trade are evolving all the time. Our common sense must evolve, too.

Modern technology indeed has changed us, both in good and bad ways, but we have to adjust to adapt our behavior and fully embrace the reality that, whether we are ready for our close-up or not, someone may be watching.

See AJ Ramos Scandal Circulates On Social Media.

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Written by Barbie Perez

VIRAL: Popular DLSU & ADMU Video Scandals Circulate Online

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