The 10 ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters Everyone Hates

Game of Thrones is a drama series that is well known for its popularity. However, there are always some characters that do not appeal much to you right? It is either their look, or the way they react, or what they do, or simply something that makes you want to despise them.

3. Ramsay Bolton

A bastard son of Roose Bolton, Ramsay’s bloodlust is even stronger than his father’s. After taking Winterfell, he captured Theon Greyjoy and slowly tortured him into submission.

Ramsay is much, much worse than Joffrey. Joffrey was a cunt and a psycopath, but he was also dumb. Without his name and his family he was basically nothing, and was never able to make any decision by himself (apart from his “Ser Ilyn, bring me his head” moment of glory). He didn’t really rule; his grandad and his mother did. Ramsay is more clever, which makes him more dangerous. He’s a survivor and knows how to manipulate people. Leave Joffrey naked in the streets of King’s Landing and he would not last 5 minutes. Leave Ramsay naked in the streets of King’s Landing and the crime rate would double in one week.

3. Ramsay Bolton

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Written by Tyler Ashby


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