‘Testicle Eating Fish’ With Human-Like Teeth Caught In New Jersey Lakes

This fish is amazingly different from others. It has human teeth. Fishermen who caught it thought the bizarre animal to be a piranha initially.

According to Mirror, the odd-looking fish was caught in a lake in Delran, New Jersey. Never before Ron Rossi and his son Frank have seen such different looking animal in the area.

'Testicle Eating Fish' With Human-Like Teeth Caught In New Jersey Lakes

Image credit: Gannett-CDN

Frank said on closer inspection of the fish they found its teeth were not pointed and sharp, but in fact those were blunt like that of humans.

After some research the father and son found the fish was a Pacu, which are found thousands of miles away in South America and they are related to piranhas, but are omnivorous and not meat-loving.

The big question still arises how the fish ended up in a lake in New Jersey. The answer from Department of Environmental Protection is not very satisfactory. A spokesperson said pet owners sometimes deposit such fish into the lakes.

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Written by Barbie Perez

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