Taxi Driver Catches Couple Doing Nasty Deed Under Broad Daylight

A taxi driver never thought he would ever see something so embarrassing under broad daylight near a playground in one open place in Chile. It was something very odd and needed to be stopped.

He and his friend while having a ride saw a pair was doing some unusual under a blanket. He shouted at they, “Hey, what the f*** is going on?” Few kids were also not far away from the spot.

The couple was actually having sex under the cover. The reason for them doing so goes this way.

They were looking for a room, but couldn’t and thought of doing the deed in public without caring for what others see them. After getting caught the two got offended saying the driver to be rude. However, after realizing the nasty act was wrong, both apologized.

The taxi driver and his friend left making sure the couple too leaves.

Check out the video here of the incident that has gone viral.

H/T: WeReBlog

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Written by Barbie Perez

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