Swedish Ambassador Confirms: IKEA is coming to the Philippines very soon!

And just like that all the guessing game is finally over! Ikea will not be in a very far town or city just like what it does in its other countries but in the heart of Manila.

This was confirmed in media reports that IKEA decided to open its very first IKEA store in the Philippines very soon.

“If (IKEA) goes in the Philippines, like it has gone in other countries, there would be great opportunities for Filipinos to find work and there would be investment in putting up stores,” the top Swedish diplomat in Manila said. “I won’t be surprised that once they have set their camp here, they’ll be looking for local manufacturing. I think that would be wonderful and interesting for the Philippines.”

Swedish Ambassador Harald Fries has confirmed that IKEA has indeed decided to “come in” and will open its first store in the country soon.

IKEA made its name for its modern architectural designs for various types of appliances and furniture, and its interior design work is often linked to an eco-friendly simplicity.

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