SUSgallery Launching Long-awaited Overseas Online Store

NIIGATA, Japan, March 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SUS Inc. announced on March 25 that its titanium tableware brand “SUSgallery” will finally be launching an online store for overseas customers from March 24, 2021, as a world-leading titanium tableware site. SUSgallery’s products have been used at high-end hotels and restaurants in the United States and Europe. Now, SUSgallery is aiming for further expansion and gaining public recognition.



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About SUSgallery

SUSgallery is the tableware brand that pursues the authentic creativity offered by pure titanium. SUSgallery was established to draw on the metalworking traditions of Tsubame, in Niigata Prefecture, which has been passed down since 17th century to create beauty for the next era. The unique surfacing created by SUSgallery’s special processing techniques ensures no two pieces are alike. In an industrial world dedicated to churning out identical replicas, SUSgallery has focused on creating new value based on uniqueness and individuality. SUSgallery will challenge the limit of titanium with its timeless brilliance and create pieces that are both beautiful and functional.

About products

The TITANESS series uses a vacuum-insulated double-wall construction method to offer superlative insulating properties, keeping their contents warm or cool as desired. Vacuum insulation is a far more effective way to insulate than normal double-walled insulation. TITANESS products remain unaffected by ambient temperatures. So the ice in the drink will remain there longer. This means everybody can relax and enjoy his/her drink without needing to be concerned about melting ice diluting it and affecting its true flavor.

Titanium’s Shine Reaches the World

Items created by SUSgallery are considered masterpieces of traditional skills that bring forth modern beauty. SUSgallery’s tumblers were chosen for the toast at a luncheon marking the end of the APEC summit hosted by Japan in 2010, and each guest was given a set as a present. They were also presented to members of the British Royal Family on Prince William’s visit to Japan in 2015.



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