Shocking…! Mum Eats Her Own 2-Yr-Old Kids’ Flesh

You may have heard news of parents and babysitters abusing kids, but this incident is something really horrifying. A 40-year-old mother Pramila Mondal was caught eating her two-year-old daughter.

Usually people abuse kids due to drug or mental issues and this time too it is said Pramila was under alcoholic condition when she caught mutilating.

Uncle of the baby, Bharati, heard her crying loud at around noon time when it was resting time for him and rushed to find out the cause. It was shocking. He witnessed Pramila eating her flesh. He snatched the little one from the mother and rushed to hospital. Doctors admitted the baby into ICU as portions of the scalp were written.

mum eats child flesh

Image source: Viral Spell

mum eats child flesh

Image source: Viral Spell

mum eats child flesh

Image source: Viral Spell

The incident spread into neighborhood and people tied up the mother and also beaten her. However, she was unable to explain to the mob why she had committed the crime.

Lately it is learned the kid will be brought to a better hospital in an Indian city.

H/T: Viral Spell, WeReBlog

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Written by Barbie Perez

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