She Pulls Out The BIGGEST Lump Of Ear Wax Ever Known To Man

The Biggest Lump of Earwax ever to be removed!

Ear wax is produced by ears so as to protect the ear canal. It is also a good lubricant for the ear. Ear wax is best left inside the ear, because it is important.

She Pulls Out The BIGGEST Lump Of Ear Wax Ever Known To Man

However, in case it starts to get compacted it will cause irritation as well as loss of hearing. So removing ear wax is something that we all do from time to time. However, in all probability you have never seen a huge lump of earwax such as the one removed from this guy’s ear.

In this short video we can see a man who is having his ear wax removed. The person removing the wax is seen doing this slowly and at first a little bit of ear wax comes out. But, then a large lump is removed, which is probably the biggest lump of ear wax you will ever see! Can’t understand how this guy actually heard anything with so much ear wax in his ear!


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Written by Barbie Perez


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