Sereno to lead ‘people’s movement, vows to keep the fight going

Sereno calls Pres. Duterte a “blasphemous, self-styled dictator who is willing to kill” and hits his “improvisational governance,” criticizing some of his policies including TRAIN and federalism, war on drugs and his relationship with China.

Supreme Court has rejected former Chief Justice Sereno’s motion for reconsideration in relation to quo warranto petition against her, voting 8-6.

Hours after the Supreme Court rejected her motion for reconsideration on its decision to remove her as chief justice, Maria Lourdes Sereno said that she was prepared to lead a “people’s movement” that would hold in making the government accountable.

Sereno received warm welcome from supporters gathered at the Bahay ng Alumni. In her speech at a gathering at the University of the Philippines, Sereno attacked President Rodrigo Duterte and called him blasphemous, self-styled dictator who is willing to kill people who debilitated the nation’s democractic institutions.

According to Sereno the nation’s democractic institution became weak when Duterte assumed office as he started attacking various government offices and their heads.

Sereno reminded Duterte that he would have his own particular moment of retribution as truth would in the long run come out.

She additionally focused on that she would continue to take a stand against Duterte’s hostility towards poor Filipinos including the currrent situation on the South China Sea, his war on drugs killing thousands of poor Filipinos and even seeking to change the Philippine Constitution.

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Written by Barbie Perez

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