Saddest Cat in the World is Luhu, a Beijing furball of pure sorrow

Isn’t She World’s Saddest Cat?

You would be surprised to know Internet has discovered the saddest cat on this Earth. Yes, Luhu from Beijing has been dubbed so even though she lives quite the happy life.

The cat is adorable tabby and seems to be always in a single mood and this is the reason she has become the sensation on Internet.

Luhu has two older brothers, Barher and Bardie, and lives with human caregiver Maggie Liu. She loves to sleep, loves to play and also is great in making friends. She always get what she wants.

Luhu’s owner has shared thousands of photos of her on Instagram that is followed by more than 40,000 people.

Check out few of the photos here and also a video as well. Check out whether she is really sad or her laziness to change mood. Do share your own views about this pet with fellow readers in the below given comment box.

What do you think?


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