RUST IN PEACE: 10 Abandoned And Forgotten High-Performance Cars

It’s kind of eerie to see all these abandoned cars. Makes you think of “The Walking Dead”. Where the zombies at? It makes us wonder what you might find under the seats, but they should be brought out and melted down, that’s just not right to leave them there. This treasure trove of thousands of abandoned cars is still creeping us out! SEE this huge gallery of forgotten classics rotting away in a forest.

Seems very sad to me that these cars that were so special to someone in the past are now just rusting away.

Just goes to show you how temporary things are even if we thought at the time they were life and death important.

Belgian ‘car graveyard’ where U.S. soldiers hid beautiful vintage motors after WWII

Belgian 'car graveyard' where U.S. soldiers hid beautiful vintage motors after WWII


What do you think?

Written by Tyler Ashby


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