Rence Rapanot vs Casper Blancaflor Sing “Creep” On The Voice #TheBattlesPH

Hoping to make it to the knockouts round, Rence Rapanot battles Casper Blancaflor on The Voice of The Philippines with their version of hit song creep.

I honestly believe they both did good! That would have been hard for me to choose.

Rence is a great singer, but I have a weird fascination for Casper and her voice, I just adore her!

Coach Bamboo chose Rence Lee Rapanot! Congratulations, Rence Lee.

Rence Rapanot vs Casper Blancaflor Sing “Creep” On The Voice #TheBattlesPH

I’m so upset to see Casper go home! Don’t get me wrong, Rence’s great and I think he did great on this particular song but I had such high hopes for Casper! It feels great to know that Coach Lea and Coach Sarah hit their steal button but in the end Casper picked Coach Lea.

We have a STEAL! Congratulations, Casper Blancaflor. Welcome to Team Lea.

Photo credit: © ABS-CBN

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