Radio Commentator Caught On Video Insulting, Threatening Traffic Enforcer

A blocktime commentator of a local radio station sparked controversy when a video of him berating a traffic enforcer went viral online.  The video, which attracted 63,139 as of last night, was taken by the traffic enforcer himself.

It had gained 186,351 views and 8,668 share as of 3 p.m. Friday.

The enforcer, Lyndon Lito Ocampo, said he was manning traffic at the South Road Properties near the entrance at the Plaza Independencia on May 20 when he flagged a motorcycle for having three passengers. The two passengers riding in pillion were also not wearing helmets.

Sa akong mga friends na taga MEDIA ngari pls share. abusado og nagpaila na taga MEDIA daw siya. a certain Cimafranca from DYLA? nadakpan for the violation of overloading , no crash helmet backrider..Posted by Brian Rollo on Tuesday, 2 June 2015

According to news report, the incident occurred May 20 at the South Reclamation Project area, when block timer Roger Cimafranca was accosted by City Integrated Traffic Operations Management (CITOM) enforcer Lyndon Ocampo.

Ocampo said that as the motorcycle stopped, the driver, Roger Cimafranca, and his companions approached him and allegedly complained about the move.

Noticing Cimafranca’s unusual approach, Ocampo said he pulled his mobile phone out and placed it inside his breast pocket with the video camera on.

“Gusto man kaha ka nga magkinulbanay ta’g kaldero. Pakit-on tika unsaon tika paglampurnas… Strikto nimo ah. Dili ka pahangyo,” Cimafranca was recorded as saying.

“Tan-awon ta lang, pila ka semana, huwata lang, wala ko mahadlok pero ang ako lang hangyo-ay lang ta. Ang LTO magpahangyo man gani ikaw na ba hinuon. Kahibaw ka, casual ka lang, dili ka regular, tan-awon ta lang,” Cimafranca added.

Ocampo said it is not rare that motorists who are caught violating traffic rules become defensive but Cimafranca’s words reportedly hurt him.

City Traffic Operations Management chief Jonathan Tumulak said they waited for Cimafranca to formalize his complaint against Ocampo but the former never showed up at the CITOM office.

Tumulak said Cimafranca faces a fine of P2,000 for his passengers’ failure to wear helmets, and another P500 for overloading, as the ordinance allows only one other rider.

The Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility said, block timers are broadcasters who buy airtime from radio stations to produce shows independent of the network they are broadcasting through. The blocktimer then usually sells the “block” of airtime to advertisers and sponsors.

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Written by Marc Tiu

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