PRESS RELEASE: A Guide to Items for Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital

Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital: A Guide to Items

Hello, survivor! Imagine this: you wake up to find yourself in an old and dangerous hospital which is keeping the dead alive instead of saving lives! Do not worry, besides the guns that you have, there are items to help you that are scattered around. So, keep an eye out! At the end of every mission you will be able to unlock boxes with loot inside it, they will either be guns, items, or survivors. Here is the list of items that you may discover on your journey. Take note that Active Items are items that you must activate to use, while Passive Items are items that give you benefits at all times.

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Stay safe survivors!

1)      Adrenaline (Active)

·         +13% Damage

·         +13% Rate of Fire

·         +13% Rate of Reload

·         +13% Magazine Bullet

·         Knockback

2)      Morphine (Active)

·         +17% Damage

·         +17% Rate of Fire

·         +17% Rate of Reload

·         +17% Magazine Bullet

·         Knockback

3)      PGW (Active)

·         +21% Damage

·         +21% Rate of Fire

·         +21% Rate of Reload

·         +21% Magazine Bullet

·         Knockback

4)      Painkiller (Active)

·         +20% HP

5)      First Aid Kit (Active)

·         +50% HP

6)      Knife (Active)

·         +50% HP HEAL

·         Kill all the Zombies in 5M

7)      Bat (Active)

·         +50% HP HEAL

·         Kill all the Zombies in 3M

8)      Katana (Active)

·         +50% HP HEAL

·         Kill all the Zombies in 5M

9)      Large Magazine (Passive)

·         +20% Magazine Bullet

10)   Quick Magazine (Passive)

·         +20% Rate of Reload

11)   Hybrid Magazine (Passive)

·         +20% Rate of Reload

·         +20% Magazine Bullet

12)   Power Gear (Passive)

·         +20% Damage

13)   Fast Gear (Passive)

·         +20% Rate of Fire

14)   Red Sight (Passive)

·         +20% Damage

·         +20% Rate of Fire

15)   Thin Clothes (Passive)

·         +20% HP

 16) Thick Coat (Passive)

·         +20% HP

17)   Leather Jacket (Passive)

·         +40% HP

18)   Armor (Passive)

·         +60% HP

19)   Battle Costume (Passive)

·         +100 HP

You can also get items by purchasing item boxes in the store. We recommend doing this as soon as possible because the game only gets harder the farther you go. With the help of the items you will be able to survive the zombie apocalypse, and escape the death hospital as soon as possible. Do not worry; a guide to the guns and survivors are to come soon.

Good luck, survivor!

Game Features:

  • Realistic zombie shooter
  • Control your Aim using the Gyro Sensor
  • Horrifying 3D Graphics
  • Over 10 Powerful Guns to Unlock
  • Gain access to over 19 items that will aid you
  • Save the 8 Survivors to Upgrade your Stats

About Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital

“Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital” is a free-to-play augmented reality shooter developed by Playpark.Co., Ltd. In this game, you play as a journalist who must survive a horrifying zombie outbreak. Fight against all odds as you collect weapons and items to help you stay alive and save survivors along the way.

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