Pope Francis Revisits ‘Punishing’ Rules on Catholic Divorce

Pope Francis has made a number of statements that the Church needs to reach out pastorally to the divorced and civilly remarried.

This has started a lot of rumors that he may drop the Church’s discipline regarding whether they can receive Holy Communion.

Jamie Rivera Sings "We Are All God's Children" For Pope Francis Visit In The Philippines
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Millions of devotees remain banned from receiving communion – but meeting of bishops raises hopes of ban being loosened.

Millions of Catholics all over the world are similarly affected by the church’s ban on communion for those who have divorced and then remarried.

In a global community divided by headline-grabbing issues such as abortion, contraception and gay sex, divorce is far from the most sensitive topic of conversation. But for a large number of ordinary people it is a regular and painful reminder that their church considers them ineligible for a right it grants to almost all other Catholics – murderers included.

Some observers believe that:

Everyone has the right to marry, or not, and the absolute right to find love and happiness in the ways they wish to find them.
Popes, Imams, Bishops, Monks, Nuns etc etc, what gives them the right to judge anyone else?

As Jesus said, allegedly, the church of God is within you.

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Written by Marc Tiu

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