Pilot episode of ‘Hiram Na Alaala,’ Memorable For People

We heard about “Hiram Na Alaala” and were very impressed with its format and success rate.

Pilot episode of 'Hiram Na Alaala,' Memorable For People
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Hiram na Alaala is not your typical drama. The first scene was all about war, explosions, gunfights, and battlecries. Ivan (Dennis Trillo) and Joseph (Rocco Nacino) are both service men in the middle of a battle with the rebels. But then out of nowhere comes a grenade. Where did it come from? Did Joseph and Ivan survive the explosion? So many questions remain unanswered.

Pilot episode of 'Hiram Na Alaala,' Memorable For People


Can you imagine the viewers were all hooked. Many of the viewers praised Direk Dominic Zapata for the cinematography. Many even said that each shot was “Tatak Direk Dom.”  The show did not run out of good acting, unforgettable and striking lines, and heartbreaking scenes. And the people’s positive tweets and comments can attest to the success of the program.

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