Permanent Swollen Leg Didn’t Hold This Teen To Pose In Bikini

You should love your body in any form, and this is what teenager Isa-Bella Leclaire trying to say. She was born with Parkes Weber Syndrome (PWS) causing her right leg to swell too much.

The 19-year-old student posed with her body-confident bikini for photographs to inspire others. She said fluid in her body flows into the leg, but does not get back due to the rare disorder of vascular system.

With her bikini pictures she hopes to inspire body confidence in others. It will also raise awareness about her condition.

She added when people see someone confident in their body, they in fact don’t pity but admire more.

Permanent Swollen Leg Didn't Hold This Teen To Pose In Bikini

News source: Metro

Until now there is no cure for PWS but symptoms can be treated and condition can be managed. The girl is undergoing a course of lymph draining massages to help drain excess fluid back to her body from the leg. In three weeks of session she has managed losing 6cm.

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Written by Barbie Perez

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