Pasig Holdup: Taxi Driver Shoots Call Center Agent In The Face

Taxicabs of the Philippines are one of the modes of transportation in the country but is it still the best way to have a safe, reliable, and affordable ride within minutes?

A call center agent was shot in the face Friday morning in Pasig City by a taxi driver who turned out be a robber, after she refused to hand over her belongings, local officials said.

According to news report, April Taclay, a human resources officer at a call center based in Quezon City, was on her way home to Mandaluyong City when the still unidentified driver suddenly pointed a gun at her while passing along Canley Road, Barangay Ilog.

Taclay boarded the Glowing Stone taxi on C-5 Road in Libis, Quezon City, around 6 a.m. Minutes later, the driver held his gun and announced the holdup.

SPO1 Edward Maylas said the driver shot Taclay in the face, grazing her cheek, after she refused to hand over her valuables and pleaded for her life.

After the shot, Taclay managed to jump out of the car and tumbled onto the street, where another motorist came to the rescue and brought her to the nearest hospital.

Investigators are reviewing the footage from closed-circuit television cameras installed at Hydrodynamic Construction Building to better identify the car and the driver, he said.

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