Parents Noticed A Feather Growing From Baby’s Jaw

Strange and extraordinary things happen to babies, but this is probably one of the strangest stories you’ll hear. Baby Mya actually had feather coming out of her jaw! Her parents thought it was nothing at first.

But what seemed like a normal pimple eventually grew bigger. The parents, Aaron and Emma Whittington took their daughter to the doctor as it was now a lump practically as big as a golf ball and they were very concerned.

Feather Growing From Baby’s Jaw

The doctors thought it was just a common infection, but a few days later something came sticking out of the lump. The swelling was being caused by a feather, which was underneath baby Mya’s skin. The feather was 2 inches long!

Feather Growing From Baby’s Jaw

The only possible explanation they could think of was that baby Mya might have inhaled the feather accidentally, and eventually her body forced it out. The feather pierced the inside of the baby’s cheek, until the area got swollen. Definitely a strange occurrence, which nobody would have ever thought possible! Luckily it could be removed without causing damage to the baby.

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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