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NYC Man Attacked Asian Women For Rejecting Him

Mr. Tyrelle Shaw, also known as Mr. Talented is a twenty five year old New Yorker who likes Asian women and thinks he’s a great artist.

Mr. Talented seems desperate to start a family with an Asian woman, however, so far it seems like no woman has been taken up by his proposal.

He is an avid blogger and has filled his blog with photos of actors, comedians, sports stars and celebrities. Mr. Shaw might very likely be having mental health issues as New York cops now believe the four Asian women who have been assaulted in recent times may very well have been attacked by Mr. Talented himself.

Mr. Talented’s seemingly fetish desire to marry and have babies with a woman of Asian descent may have gone overboard. He has not officially confessed, however, his blog contains his deep pain of being rejected by Asian women which he puts down to racism. We sincerely hope Mr. Talented eventually finds the woman of his dreams so as to hopefully settle down and be happy.

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Written by Joshua Jackson

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