New Natural Wellness Podcast Rounds Up All Blacks Manager and Other Experts to Share Tips for Optimal Health

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, April 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A new podcast has launched to get to the heart of questions, issues and information around every aspect of natural health and wellbeing. At Source will be available on podbean and soon to follow, on all major podcast platforms from 30 April 2021, with the first season of six expert interviews in five episodes dropping weekly for listeners to dive into.

Link to listen to At Source podcast:

The host of At Source, consumer health advocate Keren Cook, draws out the in-depth, real-life experiences of her guests, who all have a particular, informed insight on health and wellbeing. She connects with industry professionals to provide rich perspectives with a focus on global best practice and constant upskilling and data gathering.

The At Source guest line-up is:

  • Gilbert Enoka, formerly a mental skills coach with New Zealand’s corporate and sporting elite, and internationally renowned for his 21-year history with the All Blacks, where he now serves as manager. He is an expert in the psychology behind success in world-level sport and how it can be applied to any walk of life, and talks with Keren about how people can develop the tools to perform at their best under pressure.
  • Sergey Brazhnikov, personal training manager at Les Mills New Zealand and an award-winning fitness and wellness educator and nutrition expert who takes a holistic approach. He has a strong passion for providing others with a platform beyond fitness to create a successful life, and chats with Keren about cultural differences in the understanding of wellness – he is originally from Russia – and what underlies his approach to all-round wellbeing.
  • Phil Lester, a Professor in Ecology and Entomology at Victoria University of Wellington and the author of The Vulgar Wasp (VUP, 2018) along with more than 140 articles on invasive ants, bees and wasps. Phil’s research focus is on the population and community ecology of social insect species. He examines the population dynamics of ants, bees and wasps, how species co-exist and co-occur, and the influence of invasive species. A key area of his interest is in the role of pathogens in social insect populations. How do pathogens influence population dynamics of social insects? Phil and Keren discuss the extraordinary power of nature’s most powerful insect and a vital member of our eco-system, the honeybee.
  • Rob Haines, co-founder (with wife Lynda Haines) of the New Zealand Health Food Company, which has brought together four generations of the family working in the company for over 30 years to share good health and vitality with people around the world by supplying local hand-picked health products. More recently, son Sam Haines developed Manuka South, a premium brand with a focus on high-end luxury products. Rob talks with Keren about the New Zealand natural food DNA, the impact of technology on his industry, the indigenous natural products his company has taken to the world, and the shift in trends and consumer demands around health food and ethically and environmental sourced products.
  • A panel discuss with medical microbiology scientist Ben Harris and immunologist Dr Gill Webster. Dr Webster has more than 28 years of experience in the biotechnology sector, emphasising early drug development to treat human disorders by developing strategies to harness the immune system. She is the founder of Immunostrategy Ltd and Chief Scientist at NatureBee. Ben Harris is a medical microbiology scientist with 40 years of experience and a particular focus on infection prevention and control, epidemiology, emerging antibiotic resistance and its relationship to our microbiome and adverse health outcomes. He leads the NZ Infection Prevention & Control Consultancy and is the co-founder of Sanipure. Keren speaks to them both about their science journeys; infection prevention and control; antibiotics; why immunity and microbiology are so important in the COVID world; where New Zealand is on the path to herd immunity; their favourite superfoods; and what listeners can do to support their natural health and wellbeing.

The series is designed to provide useful insights for listeners of all ages and life stages – from Sergey Brazhnikov’s thoughts on the rise of social media and how it can encourage people to compare themselves and form a negative body image or extreme fitness goals, to how to practice mindfulness and make conscious, healthy choices in everyday life. Professor Lester gives advice to students who are considering their subjects and careers of choice, while Rob Haines gets specific about how the skill sets of every family member has helped grow the business – including those of his grandchildren. 

Keren Cook says, “It was a privilege to speak with our guests and put natural health and wellbeing at the forefront of the conversation, with expertise direct from the source. At Source is for anyone who is interested in natural health and wellbeing – those looking to feel good while on the go and/or seeking work-life balance and a sense of equilibrium. Health and wellbeing are often personal and subjective to perception. While one person might put mental health at the top of their list, another might say that clean eating and nutrients is what they focus on to improve everything else. This podcast series talks to and learns from inspiring leaders from all walks of life to cover all these bases.

“The idea is to answer some of the key questions about natural health, wellbeing and fitness by talking to experts who work every day at the coal face in their field, challenging the limits of human endeavour and enterprise and helping us learn about ourselves, our environment, and what we need to thrive.”

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