Netizen Furious at GRABCAR (GrabTaxi) Drivers For Being Too Picky

It is not common for him to talk negatively of service providers who have a certain reputation, but unfortunately he has to point out that he’s starting to lose his patience with GRABCAR / GRABTAXI.

This Facebook status was posted Saturday on Facebook by Chuckie Dreyfus, Filipino movie actor and social media influencer with the following caption:

“Dear GRABCAR (GrabTaxi), as much as I’d love to praise your service, your drivers have started becoming too picky and choosy when it comes to destinations. Even when 20 Grabcar sedans are SUPPOSEDLY within my area, no f*cking driver accepts my Grabcar request. It is a growing trend among your drivers that is infuriating and starting to become an inconvenience to us who loved you ONCE UPON A TIME.”

Netizen Furious at GRABCAR (GrabTaxi) Drivers For Being Too Picky

The main reason behind this is that even though there should be 20 Grabcar sedans offering their service in his area, practically none of the drivers seems to be interested in accepting his Grabcar request. There is no denying that GRABCAR (GrabTaxi) drivers who should be there to offer a good quality service according to clients’ needs are taking on a choosy attitude when it comes to destinations, Dreyfus added.

Dreyfus also said, the Grabcar Premium service is also not doing any better. There is a clear scarcity of Grabcar Premium vehicles, making it impossible to book one.

He wants to make it clear that he used to love the GRABCAR (GrabTaxi) service, but now things have changed, and it has become a real pain. According to Dreyfus, he used to pay a flat rate even if at some points the traffic was really bad. But the negative attitude of the GRABCAR (GrabTaxi) drivers are having is simply impossible. If they do not like the destination they turn down a client. This also happens when the tip is not as big as they expected it to be.

Dreyfus would like to conclude with a message to all Grabcar users:

IF YOU FEEL THE SAME WAY, pls SHARE this post in the hope that the people of Grabcar would take notice, listen to our gripes, and ultimately take swift action to resolve this concern.

Please, if you feel the same way, kindly share this post. Hopefully if we unite with a common message and show them how pissed we are, they will do something about it and things will improve!

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